Welcome to Diamond Beer & Wine Bar

Since 1995, Diamond Beer & Wine Bar has proudly served Rochester, New York and the surrounding areas. We are a luxury craft brew bar for people who enjoy micro-crafted wine and beer. Our bar has been in the Rochester area for over 40 years.

We sell a wide range of home-brewed, wines and beers. Our bar regularly stocks more than 100 varieties of micro-brewed high-quality beers and fine wines made from the fruit of local vineyards. We also provide beer brewer supplies and malt extract recipes to all-grain ingredients, including a complete line of grains, hops, liquid and dry malt extract and yeast for those interested in brewing their own home-brew. Our in-house made cheeses include hard, soft and goat cheeses – the most complete selection in Rochester.

When you come into Diamond Beer & Wine Bar, you can expect the best service and products.